About Us

We are Sasa and Rosy of the Allergic Rescuers KL. We are independent animal rescuers, which means we rely on our own time, energy, and financial resources to rescue, foster and re-home animals in need.

Adoption saves lives. Fostering saves lives. Do you want to get involved? Please get in touch!

What We Do

  • Rescue: We take in injured or healthy strays, often orphaned puppies or kittens who need our help the most. Please understand that we do NOT accept surrendered pets.
  • Vet Visit: We ensure that all strays we take in are vaccinated, de-wormed, de-fleaed, de-ticked and ear-mite free, in addition to any other medical attention they may need. If they are old enough, they will also be spayed/neutered.
  • Foster: We then foster strays in our own homes or through our network of volunteer fosters to socialize them with people and other animals. During this process, they are also house-trained or litterbox-trained.
  • Adopted Out: When they are ready, we adopt them out to loving homes following an application process. This includes a phone chat, meet-and-greet, and an adoption contract.
  • Trap Neuter Release Manage (TNRM): We also catch feral cats who are not suitable for adoption. These cats are street smart and much happier to be living in a colony outside! We use humane traps to capture them, spay/neuter them and give them additional medical attention if needed, ear-tip them, then release them back to the area where we found them to indicate to other feeders that they do not need to be caught again. We then continue to feed them in the area and keep an eye on them.