Adoption Process

Fill in the application form for the dog or cat you are interested in.

Schedule a phone chat with one of our team members.

Schedule a meet-and-greet to see the dog or cat you would like to adopt.

Meet the dog/cat of your dreams, sign the adoption contract, pay the adoption donation, and then he/she can go home with you!

Adoption Donation

We charge a modest adoption donation which covers the medical fees of the foster up until that point. This includes de-flea, de-tick, ear mite medication and at least first round of vaccinations as the most basic vetting. If the foster has been with us for a bit longer, it’s possible that he/she has had all three rounds of vaccinations if he/she is a young animal or both vaccinations if he/she is an adult. Depending on the age and health condition, he/she could also be spayed/neutered which would increase the adoption donation slightly.

Spay/Neuter Deposit

In the event that the foster is not spayed/neutered by the time he/she is adopted, we will be asking for a RM 100 spay/neuter deposit for cats and RM 200 deposit for dogs. This is to emphasize how seriously we take spaying/neutering as a way to control the stray overpopulation problem in Malaysia and ensuring that there aren’t more kittens and puppies born on the streets who often die horrific deaths. Upon showing us proof of spay/neuter (a vet’s bill will do), we will immediately return the deposit to you via online banking.